The following is a list of great sources for starting and sustaining cooperative.  The cooperative movement has learned great lessons over the past 150 years and many cooperatives and organizations are glad to share information and knowledge with other cooperatives.  This supports the 6th value of cooperatives, Cooperation Amongst Cooperatives, and helps to build a stronger movement of democratic businesses and organizations.

Worker Co-ops

US Federation of Worker Cooperatives,

Democracy at Work Institute

Democracy at Work Network,

American Worker Cooperative,

ICA Group,

Understanding Worker-Owned Cooperatives: A Strategic Guide for Organizers,



US Co-op Resources                                   


National Cooperative Business Association,

University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives,

Cooperative Development Institute



International Cooperative Alliance,


Cooperative Fund of New England,

Local Enterprise Assistance Fund,

National Cooperative Bank,

Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet),

Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund,


Co-op Law Center,


Starting a Co-op

Co-op 101: A Guide to Starting a Cooperative,

Vital Steps: A Cooperative Feasibility Study Guide,


Credit Unions

Report of the CUNA Cooperative Alliances Committee (pdf)

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