Cooperative Fermentation

Cooperative Fermentation’s mission is to democratize the Maine food system through creating multi-stakeholder cooperatives in farming, food processing and restaurants.  This will be accomplished through incubation of new co-ops, popular education and presentations, hands-on food production, facilitation and supporting cooperative organizers to transition existing food and farm businesses.

Our food system has grown, our local infrastructure is rebuilding, and our farms are being restored. This change is bubbling up from communities and individuals that have visions of a different way of eating and living. We are learning from the past and creating a new food system.  Our resilient cultures are growing and creating new ferments on our farms, boats and kitchens.

Cooperative Fermentation is spreading knowledge, inspiration, and possibilities about cooperative and community-owned businesses to our Maine food system.   We are sharing the starter cultures that help ferment our visions and create new infrastructure that increases our self sufficiency.

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