• Cooperative Design Lab

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    Cooperative Design Lab  

    a development course for worker, producer and hybrid cooperatives

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    Cooperatives build local economic resilience by meeting community needs for goods, services and jobs through shared democratic business ownership. Cooperative Fermentation, a project of the Resilience Hub, is offering this course to strengthen the network of cooperatives in the region and to support the formation of co-ops in local farming and food production.

    Come to Cooperative Design Lab if you want to:

    • start a cooperativenepermacultureworkshop2.jpg

    • expand your group’s capacity and skills

    • convert your business to a cooperative

    • help develop cooperatives in your community

    Course Overview

    Participants will gain the knowledge, skills and capacity to start a cooperative business.

    Through the course, participants will:

    • go through a step-by-step process to create a co-op

    • plan their business

    • prepare and share meals together

    • engage in personal development

    • discern appropriate organizational structures

    • learn tools for cooperative leadership and management

    • connect to mentors, coaching and technical assistance

    • explore the role of cooperatives in building a resilient economy

    Cooperative Design Lab will meet three weekends from January to March in 2015 (Jan 31 & Feb 1, Feb 21 & Mar 1, Mar 21 & 22) and online for webinars. There will be homework including readings, films, group projects, and journal work. In celebration of course completion, participants will have the opportunity to present their ideas to an audience of community members, mentors, funders, and policy makers.


    How to apply: Use this linkto apply online. After you submit your application, the organizers will contact you to assist you with the registration process. Please submit before January 15th. Remember, if you register by December 15, you receive $100 off tuition!